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March 3rd, 2024
Venue: Jack B Patrick Info Tech Center

About TEDx

TEDx is a grassroots initiative, created in the spirit of TED’s overall mission to research and discover “ideas worth spreading.” TEDx brings the spirit of TED to local communities around the globe through TEDx events. These events are organized by passionate individuals who seek to uncover new ideas and to share the latest research in their local areas that spark conversations in their communities. TEDx events include live speakers and recorded TED Talks, and are organized independently under a free license granted by TED. These events are not controlled by TED, but event organizers agree to abide by our format, and are offered guidelines for curation, speaker coaching, event organizing and more. They learn from us and from each other. More than 3000 events are now held annually.

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About Our Event

TEDxEvans is an annual event organized by local volunteers, where live TEDx talks and performances are shared globally. TEDx events are fully coordinated independently based on a conversation, connection, and community. The content and design of each TEDx event are unique and developed independently, but all of them have common features. The TEDx Evans Youth presents multiple issues and a diversity of voices from many disciplines. It is just like TED events, it lacks any commercial, religious or political agenda. The goal of our event is to spark conversation, connection, and community. 

Meet the Speakers

Meet our diverse group of young speakers poised to redefine what it means to Break Barriers in the 21st Century. From artificial intelligence to healthy living, from revolutionized healthcare to overcoming drug addictions, and from meditation to motivation, these voices will guide us to embrace change and revolutionize our living looking into the future.

Our Team

Meet the amazing individuals who make up our team. We are a small but dedicated group of professionals who are passionate about delivering exceptional results. Get to know us and discover what makes us unique.


Sharma Pogula

Chief Organizer

Sharma Pogula is a retired structural engineer with 32 years of experience. He is passionate about teaching children communication and leadership skills. As a member of Toastmasters International for 26 years, he received several awards in public speaking. Sharma received the Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) certification in 2001. He also received the 1st place award at the state-level competition in 2004 and 2019. He effectively started Gavel Clubs in Augusta, Georgia and South Carolina for high school students, helping students improve their communication and leadership skills. Lastly, he conducted Youth Leadership Workshops in the state of Georgia for middle school students. This is the third TEDx Youth event Sharma Pogula has organized with passionately committed youth.

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Sankar Madhavaraman

Assistant Organizer


Nicole Gadia

Director of Design


Mahi Patel

Finance Director


Matias Riveros-Amado

Communications Director

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Anshuman Khadanga

Event Manager


Nishanth Kavuri



Riya Sondhi

Director of Design


Riya Makan

Finance Director

Screenshot 2023-12-23 at 11.28.11 AM.png

Theerth Srinivasan

Communications Director


Kashvi Boga

Event Manager

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